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Tectrice Consult, owned and managed by Barbara Page-Roberts,  provides clients with specialist business services including:


The Best Of Bulgaria

The Best of Bulgaria is the first in a series of apps designed by Tectrice Consult, available in English and Bulgarian, prepared for people who want to know about Bulgaria by people who LOVE Bulgaria. So whether you are an expat Bulgarian, wanting to show off your country with pride to your friends, or to educate your children about the country and its people; or you are a visitor to Bulgaria and want to know more; or even if you are just someone with a little curiosity about Bulgaria, then The Best of Bulgaria apps are for you.

The Business Bridge

Tectrice Consult has for many years provided consultancy services in Britain and Bulgaria, and is currently formalising a new venture ‘The Business Bridge’ (www.thebusinessbridge.eu) which will provide hands-on matchmaking services between Bulgarian and British entities that want to do business in each other’s countries. We will also provide fee-based professional services including legal, financial, translation, market research, business English and Bulgarian, and a host of customised exporting information.

British Brexit

Working with British and Bulgarian clients, Tectrice Consult has recognised the growing need for a continuously updated one-stop-shop portal of facts, comments, opinions, questions, answers about BREXIT, as well as related events in Britain and Bulgaria. Opinions posted are not necessarily those of the Tectrice management, as we endeavour to provide the broadest uncensored information hub, focused on what BREXIT means for British companies and for Bulgarian Companies.

Tectrice Consult EOOD, Bulgaria


Tectrice Consult EOOD, under the ownership and general management of Dr.Barbara Page-Roberts  has been operating in Bulgaria for more than 15 years, providing consultancy services to British and Bulgarian companies.

Tectrice Consult Inc., USA


Tectrice Consult Inc., operating out of Las Vegas, USA, since 2013 is a Wyoming-registered US company, responsible primarily for photobook applications initiation and development.

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